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wenelda: (Coulson - umm)

We still hope, but our dreams are not the same

Fight, or will you show me mercy?

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Created on 2009-05-01 02:39:52 (#140504), last updated 2019-03-16 (5 weeks ago)

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Name:Agent Phil Coulson
Birthdate:Sep 5
In a few words I am an Anglophile, a liberal democrat, a Pagan witch, horribly sarcastic, pessimistic, cynical, and OCD.

I have nine tattoos and four piercings, have been told I am a real life incarnation of Sirius Black, but rather more Slytherin (although apparently I'm really a Hufflepuff), and those who know me best address me as Padfoot (because I am "the most homicidal"). I am more-than-slightly obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, Captain America, Batman, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, and many other geek-worthy loves. I will probably never date again for this reason.

"We're all mad here." ~ The Cheshire Cat

And all the wings of the Loves, and all the joy before death / All the feet of the hours that sound as a single lyre / Dropped and deep in the flowers, with strings that flicker like fire / More than these wilt thou give, things fairer than all these things? ~Algernon C. Swinburne

Life only avails, not the having lived. Power ceases in the instant of repose...This one fact the world hates, that the soul becomes; for, that forever degrades the past; turns all riches to poverty; all reputation to a shame; confounds the saint with the rogue; shoves Jesus and Judas equally aside. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

I know not why / My mournful soul / Flies to the sea, fitfully, fitfully / On restless, frantic pinions ~Paul Verlaine

In destinies sad or merry, true men can but try. ~Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

"When Dumbledore gets twinkly, something's going down, man. Dumbledore frightens me." ~eringryffinmy Moony

"My life would be a lot less interesting if I were the only one living in my brain." ~[personal profile] the_emi

The sands of time cannot be stopped. Years pass whether we will them or not...but we can remember. What has been lost may yet live on in memories. That which you will hear is imperfect and fragmented, yet treasure it, for without you it does not exist. I give you now a memory that has been forgotten, hidden in the dreamy haze that lies behind us. ~Brom, Eragon

Interests (140):

a perfect circle, acting, alcohol, american dad, animal farm, anime, antiques, arcade fire, archery, arthurian legends, assassin's creed, astrology, astronomy, batman, bisexuality, british history, british humour, british literature, bucky barnes, captain america, cate blanchett, celtic art, celtic history, celtic mythology, chess, chris evans, classical music, clint barton, computers, david thewlis, daydreaming, dogs, doom, dragon age, dragonheart, dragons, drawing, eddie izzard, egyptian mythology, england, family guy, fantasy, gary oldman, ghosts, greek mythology, guildenstern, guitar, hands, harry potter, indiana jones, into the woods, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, jesus christ superstar, john keats, kyo kara maoh, labyrinth, law and order, law and order uk, legend of zelda, lord of the rings, magic, mark strong, marvel, mindless self indulgence, modwheelmood, monty python, muse, musicals, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, new age music, nine inch nails, nintendo, outlaw star, paganism, photography, piano, poetry, reading, red string, remus lupin, renaissance festivals, resident evil, robert burns, robert downey jr, robot chicken, rocknrolla, role playing, rosencrantz, sarcasm, sci-fi, scotland, scottish history, sebastian stan, severus snape, sherlock holmes, singing, sirius black, slytherin, slytherin house, snape/sirius, snark, ss/sb, star wars, stardust, steve rogers, sushi, sweeney todd, tarot, tattoos, tenchi muyo, tenchi universe, the avengers, the chronicles of narnia, the closer, the crow, the dark crystal, the dark knight, the fifth element, the graveyard book, the hobbit, the joker, the lion king, the marauders, the matrix, the neverending story, the princess bride, the winter soldier, theatre, tool, travel, trent reznor, unicorns, werewolves, willow, witchcraft, wolves, writing
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